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Minelantis is a Minecraft server dedicated to entertaining YouTubers and their audiences. We run bukkit, usually the latest stable build, occasionally using beta builds if we really need to get the server updated. Most of the server administration is done by Puddleduck, who lives in a medium sized compound near spawn. Near him is Zimmby, who lives in a building called Ironhearth Hall. Zimmby built this structure on the opposite side of the river from Puddleduck's compound.

A little later NavyNorris and Ninja joined the server and they decided to set up their living accommodation far in the north of the map. This meant that to visit them it required at least 3 (Minecraft) days and nights of travel. To resolve this problem Puddleduck embarked on the task of building a railway system to replace (or challenge) Moo's original Nether hub system that was terribly inacurate and often involved people getting lost. The main train station in this rail network is located between Puddleduck and Zimmby's buildings, and is mostly underground, housing most of the railing in tunnels. Soon it was complete and a rail terminus was built near Navy and Ninja's hotel, now known as 'The Prestige'.

Around this time, DRL joined the server and started work on a tree house a little north of The Prestige in the nearby jungle. DRL doesn't log in much so the tree house is just a round platform as of now and we are all waiting to see how he expands it.

Puddleduck decided that the server needed some sort of player representation, so he built the new government buildings, with the assistance of Alphaglitchgirl. These impressive buildings are located in the northern city on the server, in a location that Puddleduck hopes will become a thriving community. One server member, Adgan, has already started work on his house, after helping Puddleduck demolish a house that stood on the same spot, that had been abandoned by a member of the server who is long gone. The parliament has a simple structure, made up of two houses, one is an exclusive house, the 'Elder House'. This house is made up of server members who have been on the server a long time, mainly the original members, or founders. Some members of the Elder House are Zimmby, Puddleduck, NavyNorris, Iamninja28 and a few other members. The main house in our government is simply the 'House of Parliament. This house is open to all members of the server and is lead by Zimmby and Puddleduck, with NavyNorris acting as a deputy. All decisions made in this house must be voted on, and important decisions will be passed up to the Elder House for final ratification. Obviously all urgent decisions will pass over parliament and be decided by the main administration team of Puddleduck and Zimmby, with decisions being made exclusively by Puddleduck in extreme cases.

You can see the live map of Minelantis in full here or you can view the embedded version below:

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